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What is GFRC Concrete?

GFRC stands for Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete. We proudly source all of our raw materials from Domcrete, a fellow Australian business.

When making our furniture, we add small glass fibres to our concrete to give it strength. These glass fibres are alkaline-resistant, have high tensile strength and modulus, do not rust like steel and are easily incorporated into concrete mixes.

How Does It Work?

The concept behind this is simple. Concrete is not very resilient and durable without some reinforcement installed within in. In construction, contractors pour concrete over metal rebar and rods to make the installation stronger. Glass Fibre is just another material used for reinforcement to ensure the concrete is strong enough to withstand weight and pressure. The combination of glass fibre and concrete works well and the reinforcing material will not degrade easily.

To find out more about GFRC Concrete please visit our supplier Domcrete.

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