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Custom Concrete Furniture

Concrete. When we think of this word we usually think of the outdoors, the streets, the pavement or industrial buildings. Well, times have changed! Gone are the days when concrete only ruled the outdoors, now it is adorning the most new and modern home interior and exterior designs.

Designed in many different ways, concrete furniture can be seen in many houses through a range of different shapes and colours. These include:

- Concrete planters and pots

- Concrete tables

- Concrete benchtops

- Concrete coffee tables

- Concrete chairs

- Concrete bathtubs

Not only is concrete furniture a beautiful addition to your home, it is also a very long lasting and durable material. Because of this, concrete can basically be manufactured into any design and specifically into a gorgeous set of custom concrete furniture pieces.

The benefits of concrete furniture keep going, Due to what concrete is made out of when it comes to the maintenance of custom concrete furniture, it does not require too much attention. It is extremely easy to clean with soft cloths and regular detergent.

So why accept decorating your home with other materials or textures when you can have the most amazing concrete design. Your imagination won’t be limited so start thinking up a concrete furniture piece that will fulfill the needs and requirements of your home.

Concrete Design House specialise in creating the highest quality custom concrete furniture in Australia. If you are looking for a custom concrete piece to adorn your home, make sure you contact us today.

Concrete Design House offers Custom Concrete Furniture to the following areas:

Custom Concrete Furniture Sunshine Coast

Custom Concrete Furniture Brisbane

Custom Concrete Furniture Gold Coast

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