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Buying a concrete table with

The following review was written by Cass from @ourcoastalhaven_ after purchasing a 'concrete' table from another business that she was very disapointed with, and ultimately ending up with one of our tables.

"Now if this isn’t dining table perfection I don’t know what is 🤍🤍

If you have been following me for sometime you would know I have been after a round concrete dining table for almost a year and after finally convincing my husband we purchased what I thought was the perfect dining table.

However, after receiving 2 tables with various damage we decided to get our money back and find something else.

Many followers said don’t go concrete it’s porous and easily damaged but we did some research and found out why some concrete tables are so much more likely to have problems and what to look for to avoid this.

So after researching and talking to the guys @concretedesignhouseau we decided to purchase one of their stunning round concrete dinning tables.

The service from @concretedesignhouseau at first contact was second to none, they answered all of my questions (my husband even called them) so we were 100% confident we would receive a quality product.

Here are some of the reasons we chose @concretedesignhouseau

- Their products are 100% hand made in Australia

- Their products are made from 100 % Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) which means it doesn’t crack, , chip or crumble easily under pressure (many other tables are made of a micro concrete coating which is applied 2-3mm to a range of services to give it the look and feel of real concrete but due to this it is prone to chipping and marking)

- They are correctly sealed- which makes them 6 hours spill resistant

- Its easy to clean with warm soapy water

- The guys delivered, installed, cleaned and polished our table (now that’s service)

- They are an Local family owned business located in Caboolture

- They source their raw materials form @domcrete_gfrc_supplies which is also an Australian company which means they are supporting Australian jobs

- They stand by their products which means of you have any questions (like I did) they are there to help!

If your looking for a quality, hand made concrete product check out @concretedesignhouseau you won’t be disappointed!"

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