At Concrete Design House, we specialise in concrete design which is why we are able to provide customers with any custom order they may have. Concrete is used in many unexpected and unusual ways and is so versatile that is can be customised into just about anything you want it to. Making it suitable for just about any environment and the perfect choice to compliment any space.

Bespoke Concrete Services

We treat all bespoke projects like a fine piece of art. Carefully designing and crafting with the highest attention to detail. We love hearing an idea from a client and then transforming it into a custom statement piece that we know will be enjoyed.

Whether you are looking for concrete wall panels, concrete pendant lights, concrete shapes, concrete bathtubs, concrete sinks, concrete pots, concrete chairs, concrete stools, concrete fire pit, concrete tables, concrete bench tops, concrete coffee tables, concrete side tables, concrete planters and much more, Concrete Design House are able to create each piece to your specifications and needs.

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