If you are reading this I suppose you love concrete. In fact, we’re all here because of our collective infatuation for this amazingly versatile material.  

At Concrete Design House, we want to share a few short reasons why concrete is our favourite material. 

Durability  A lifespan of a concrete structure can be triple of other common building materials, and will bear the forces of nature more efficiently. No matter if it’s a hidden structure or a visible design element. For this reason, concrete is becoming a popular option for many key home features like, Concrete Tables, Concrete Bench Tops Concrete Sinks and other Custom Concrete Furniture.  

Efficiency – You can get the same structural stability with less material: no wonder why tall buildings and big halls are so often built with the use of concrete columns, slabs and walls.

Affordable resources – The basic raw material used for cement in concrete is limestone, the most abundant mineral on Earth. Also, some industrial byproducts like silica fume and fly ash can be used, not to mention the recycled glass and other materials that can be added as particles.

Relatively low environmental impact – Compared to steel, at least. An estimation showed, that producing a reinforced concrete beam requires much less energy than producing a steel I-beam with the same moment capacity. Of course it is hard to compare it to traditional building materials, but when you are looking at architecture in the big scale, those are mostly out of question anyways.

In a well-balanced relationship with water – In architecture, most of the time you want to avoid water getting inside the structure. In other cases like pavements, permeability is much needed. The good news is, with concrete you can have both, depending mostly on the manner of production and the additives. Pervious concrete can build a successful symbiosis with a natural environment.

And of course, besides these practical arguments, it looks and feels very nice. Let’s not forget about that.

So when building, or renovating your Sunshine Coast Home, consider a way you too can adore concrete on both the interior and exterior. In the bathroom you can look at Concrete Bathtubs and Concrete Bench top and Concrete Sinks. For the kitchen, you could opt for a concrete bench top with a built in concrete sink and matching custom concrete furniture for the dinning. 

Concrete Design House specialise in designing and creating the highest quality custom concrete furniture in Australia. If you are seeking a custom concrete furniture for your home, be sure to contact Concrete Design House today.     


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