Concrete Tables are the new modern and starting to adorn the inside and outside of homes.  Today’s popular design trend is zoning in on the industrial chic look. A style that sees beauty in utilitarian basics  and seems to be right at home in luxury and upscale homes and on-trend offices. 

The best thing about this style is that is fits in with almost any décor. It marries materials perfectly with many different textures and modern elements. Gone are the days where you only need to embrace this style in a loft or by only adding a few feature elements, now it’s about creating an entire design.  

Many of the designs we at Concrete Design House create are based on this style. Concrete tables are one of the major pieces that are requested and that is because they are a perfect feature for this style and look absolutely fabulous in the dining room or living room. 

A highly versatile material, concrete is dynamic and has the ability to form into many shapes. Durable, strong and polished, not only are bench tops being created however so are tables, coffee tables and many other unique pieces. 

The concrete table is incredibly stylish and now available in a selection of heights and shapes. It serves multiple purposes making it an instantly popular choice for a café, restaurant, office and gallery. 

If you are looking to add a form of concrete design into your home, make sure you contact Concrete Design House. We provide custom furniture including concrete tables, concrete bench tops, concrete coffee tables and much, much more. 

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