A concrete bathtub will always be an attractive element in your home. Versatile, stylish and completely customisable, it is no wonder that concrete bathtubs are gaining popularity in the latest bathroom designs.

Creating a unique concrete design is easy as concrete can be spread or poured into a mould and form a stone-like mass on hardening. Just like concrete benchtops, concrete bathtubs have a smooth and stylish finish. The unique, natural and durable structure makes them a fantastic solution for household types.

Concrete is one of the easiest ways to achieve the industrial look and can be used in unexpected and unusual ways. Whether you are after a modern design, built-in or freestanding bathtub, concrete is versatile and has the ability to be shaped into any style.

Add character to your custom concrete bathtub by choosing a colour that best suits your interior colour scheme and add different textures to lift the look.

Interior designer is a tricky thing as you have to make sure everything works well and is done right. So if you are looking for a concrete bathtub, or some decorative concrete elements for your bathroom, contact Concrete Design House by sending an email or enquiry at http://concretedesignhouse.com.au/contact.html

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